• Application Instructions:

    1. Please do NOT insert a resume.
    2. Please fill out the application as completely as possible.
    3. ALL job information (especially dates, employer name/phone number and the number/age of children) must be filled out completely.

    Please note that the application is very long. You may wish to review the questions before you begin answering. You will NOT be able to save your answers and finish later.

  • Type of Position you are seeking (check as many as apply)

  • Age of children you have experience with (check as many as apply)

  • Please check all that you are willing to care for (check as many as apply)

  • Education

  • CHARACTER REFERENCES (People who know you well. NOT child care references)

  • Add ReferenceRemove Reference
  • PERMANENT CHILD CARE EXPERIENCE (Please list jobs of 3 months or more, i.e. nanny, day care, teaching, etc.)

  • Add ExperienceRemove Experience
  • BABYSITTING EXPERIENCE (Please list babysitting experience of 3 months or more, NOT including family members)

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  • OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE (Please list your most recent jobs NOT in the child care field)

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  • Please answer any 6 of the following questions (in addition to the Essay Question) as completely as possible.

  • Authorization:

    I understand that the information on this application has been requested for the purpose of evaluating my qualifications for employment by parents, as a child care provider. I also understand that I am not, and will not be an employee of Elite Nannies and Sitters.

    I hereby authorize you to request reference checks which may include information on my character, education, driving record, police record, past employment, previous addresses, and social security number.

    To the best of my knowledge, the information on this application is true. I understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts in connection with the information provided may be sufficient cause for dismissal wherever discovered.

    I permit Elite Nannies and Sitters to show this application and all references to parents as a part of the evaluation process.

    I agree to release, and hold Elite Nannies and Sitters harmless for any act of the employer. I also agree to hold Elite Nannies and Sitters harmless of any claim as a result of the placement.

    NOTICE: We will require a criminal background check, sex offender registry and Social Security verification. We will also require driving history and further screening requested by a family. DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee of employment. We reserve the right to reject any candidate.

    I have read,understand and agree to the terms of the application.

  • Disclosure

    This document serves solely as a clear and conspicuous written disclosure as required by the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act set forth in section 604 (b) to the Candidate that previous employment, education, social security, credit, motor vehicle report and criminal background check may be obtained for the purpose of this 'Application' only.

    By agreeing below, the 'Applicant' acknowledges that Elite Nannies and Sitters, LLC has made this disclosure.

    I have read and understand the terms of the agreement.