Our Newborn Care Specialist have to have completed advanced training and be a certified NCS. They typically will be with a family for an average of 4-6weeks.

Newborn care specialists are called upon to help new parents care for their newborns. Newborn care specialists typically come into the home for several weeks after a child is born and help the parents develop healthy eating, sleeping and care routines. Many newborn care specialists function as parent educators, teaching parenting proper and accepted baby care techniques. Newborn care specialists typically work 8 to 24 hour shifts and are responsible for all the tasks related to the baby’s care, including bottle preparation (if needed), baby laundry and nursery organization.

Placement $400


Night Nanny:

(typical time 9 p.m. – 6 a.m. or 10 p.m. – 7 a.m.)

Elite’s overnight caregivers come to your home overnight so you can get a good nights sleep. Most night nannies work 3 to 7 nights per week. Our overnight caregivers specialize in caring for multiples and will see to all your baby’s needs throughout the night.
The family will need to provide a guest room and monitor for the nanny.

Duties include:

  • feeding
  • swaddling
  • changing
  • burping
  • rocking
  • soothing
  • preparing bottles


Newborn Nanny: Daytime

(typical time 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Elite’s daytime Newborn Nannies are perfect for the new or experienced parent who wants an extra set of hands to help care for the new baby. Parents can rest, go to doctors’ appointments, spend time with siblings, and get a little much-needed relief. Elite’s Newborn Nannies have been specially selected from our experienced temporary staff. They can also care for siblings when needed.

Duties include:

  • feeding
  • swaddling
  • playing
  • changing
  • preparing bottles
  • rocking
  • soothing
  • bathing
  • sibling care
  • straightening baby’s room


Fees and Minimums

There is an agency fee and a caregiver fee for each visit. The client pays the caregiver directly at the end of each visit.

Newborn Nannies
Newborn Nannies
( Overnights )
( Daytimes )
Minimum hours:
7 hrs.
4 hrs.
Typical visit:
3-7 nights
5-10 days
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
10 p.m.-6 a.m.
Agency Fee:
membership fee plus
membership fee plus
$25 per visit
Caregiver Fee:
$17 – $25 per hour
(based on # of children and experience of Nanny)
$17 – $25 per hour (based on the # of children)



To reserve an “Overnight” Newborn Care Provider, we suggest you give at least 2 months notice. Please complete the “Overnight” Care Nanny Form, and send in along with your Membership Fee.
With the exception of scheduled deliveries and adoptions, availability of Newborn Care may vary from day to day. We will make our best effort to provide service when requested.
Complete the Application for a “Daytime” Newborn Nanny
Reserve a Newborn “Overnight” Nanny

Newborn Nanny Screening

Elite Nannies and Sitters has an on-call staff of carefully selected experienced Newborn Care Specialists. Only those individuals who are warm and alert to new mothers’ and infants’ needs are accepted.
Elite requires:
*Newborn experience *CPR Certification
*Police record check *Personal Interviews
*References *Work History
*Social Security Number Verification
*Must be NCS Certified